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The Mosa Funk Club is a funky communications collective, straight from the heart of the east end of Glasgow, with a fierce ambition and a commitment to keeping rhythm, rhyme and soul at the forefront of their agenda.

Firstly, a word of advice. If your idea of funk begins and ends with the theme tune from Shaft, retro silver hot pants or Huggy Bear's latest strides, forget it: this is the genuine article - musical tourists and posturing scenesters out for the next shallow trend to follow need not apply. Sure we take inspiration from the greats - Brown, Mayfield, Clinton - but its a deconstructed, destroyed, mashed up and rebuilt take on funk thats decidedly this century.

Akin to the champion boxer the MFC attack the staid music scene with a full frontal assault - stinging rhythmical blows from the lean and hungry, growl of a live band has the competition running for cover. Rest assured, the whole MFC experience is a revelation to the uninitiated; a potent package in the most righteous of hands.

Recent Mosa Funk Club campaigns include:

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"A Serious Musical Collective"

Be inspired. Be active. But most of all be +ve.

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