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The following sites are fully endorsed by the Mosa Funk Club. Check them out if you feel the vibe:
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MacSorley's Music Bar.

Rab Ha's -

The Arches -

Favela -

The Soundhaus -

Oran Mor -

The Jazz Bar -

Carnival Arts Centre -

Jumble Sale Soundsystem -


Club Noir
Extraordinary Burlesque - Best club in the universe, check it out...

Kim Wilson -
Hip Hop Princess

Eleana -
Superb soul and house artist "Blew my Cool"

Ida Maria -
Ida Maria -
Rockabilly punk princess from Norway

Sentinelone -
Master recording artist beams back from the 80s with a 09 flavour

Lu Angel's myspace -
One of the most talented, no the most talented female songwriter we have ever met

Vcheka -
"Violence is like the midwife"

Jimmy Miller -
Top unique and experienced songwriter that still has to get the credit he deserves

Electra Cliffton Smith -
Totally awesome vocalist from the U S of A

Magick101 -
Another great site of Electras

Titus Gein -
A healthy blend of heavy rock, sublime prog with a pinch of electro goodness.

Altres -
"Tripping the Dark Fantastic..."

The Seven Chakras -
"Just a dream" i hope not

Mairead -
Talented irish missy (sorry mrs)

Powercut -
Hip hop at its finest
Much unappreciated funk masters

You knows it -
Goldie lookin chain

James taylor Quartet -
Funk God
You heard it here first,

Pop art in all its glory
Cutting edge gorilla art at its most dangerous
Classic albums
Creative shots from the past

Be inspired. Be active. But most of all be +ve.

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